Arcadi Santamaria 

Departament de Física Teòrica-IFIC
Universitat de València
Many thanks to the InstantDB for the nice data base software.

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This can be useful to manage your BibTeX references if you work in the HEP area.

It allows normal stuff on BibTeX files but in addition it allows imports from SLAC and updates of references using the SPIRES data base. You just use normal SPIRE find syntax (e.g. find a Einstein and date after 1900) to recover the relevant references, then you have the chance to select among the results and finally to incorporate them to your reference database.

Periodically you can update the eprints in your data-base against the SLAC database to check for publications.

When importing from a BibTeX file (only " delimited format, sorry) you can ask for validation against the SLAC records.

In the present version, non-article records (books, etc) cannot be edited only imported. Following versions will be able to edit also these records.

In addition it supports full SQL queries in the local data base to select data.

It also supports exports to HTML to obtain a nice html page with the appropriate links which can be used with any browser.  Of course it also supports exports to the BibTeX format of your selections.

It has been checked with the IBM jdk 1.3.0 under Linux

Download BibHEP Download bibhep.jar

Enjoy it