Arcadi Santamaria 

Departament de Física Teòrica-IFIC
Universitat de València
Many thanks to the FreeHep Java Group for the nice freehep-2d package.

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Draws Feynman Diagrams with Java. It supports color,
control on line widths, double lines, arrows, etc. It also supports some
text with greek letters, superscripts and subscripts using LaTeX syntax.

It has been checked with the IBM jdk 1.3.0 under Linux

If you produce a nice plot with it, please send it to the author.

*To install the program just copy the file jfeyndiagram.jar to a directory and
java -jar jfeyndiagram.jar

*Diagrams can be saved as serialized (extension .fd) or xml (the later
is better because it keeps compatibility between java versions or updates)

One can choose different objects and clicking on them one can change
their properties.

For fermion drawing. Options include: color, double line, arrow, arrowsize.
A 180 degrees fermion arc. Options as above
A fermion loop. Options as above.
Boson. Options include: color, double line, arrow, arrowsize.
A 180 degrees boson arc. Options as above
A boson loop. Options as above.
A photon. Options include fermion options except arrow. In addition one
can control flipping, amplitude and wavelenght.
  A 180 degrees photon arc. Options as above
  A photon loop: Options as above.
A Gluon: Options as photon except flipping.
A 180 degrees gluon arc. Options as above
A gluon loop. Options as above.
Assorted Vertices. Optinons include:
Size,  color line, color fill, line width. Click to open dialog.
Blob: Options as above
Rectangle: Options as above.
Text: Greec, superscript and subscript using LaTeX format. Options include:
Outline (choosing double line). Line color, Fill color, linewidth, size.
  Click here and then on the selected object to change its options.
Click here and then on the object to delete an object.

You can download jfeyndiagram.jar  here jfeyndiagram.jar
If you have JavaWeb Start install you can run it  Run JFeynDiagram using JWS

Enjoy it